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I added a selective bibliography.  “River Horse” by William Least Heat-Moon is a classic travel history, and a fave read.  Heat-Moon sets off in a small boat from New York harbor and ends in the Pacific Ocean near Astoria, OR.  Some 5,000 watery miles.  Along the way he followed the route of Lewis and Clark which was the same journey my great great grandmother chronicled 65 years after L&C.    


The packet directory by Capt Frederick Way Jr is by far the most complete list of steamboats on inland rivers compiled to date.  For me, it is the decision maker when two sources disagree.  I trust Capt Way because he visited Georgetown, interviewed George WE Poe in 1940 and my family in 1971, and knew the history of the Georgetown’s captains and pilots.   John Lepley’s book, “Packets to Paradise” provides details specifically on the Missouri River commerce.  It also is a good read.

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