Receipt dated 1852

Poe receipt dated 1852 (Frances and John Finley Collection)

Poe receipt dated 1852 (Frances and John Finley Collection)

My translation of this receipt follows: 

George Poe 3 Apr Financier


  3 May Columbian


  6 May Financier






Jacob Poe 25 May New Boat


  5 May Caton Botting


  6 May  


  5 Jun  






Joseph Calhoon   New Boat




Samuel Todd   To cash by Jacob Poe


    S Hiat


    Caton Boting






 This document, undated and unsigned, I assume was written after 5 Jun 1852 and its author would have been Andrew Martin Poe, the eldest son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hephner Poe.   Andrew Martin managed the family affairs while his father and brothers worked on the river away from home.  Never a packet captain, Andrew Martin did work as a mate on several of his brothers’ boats. 


The document also suggests that the Poes had an interest in the str Columbian.   The str Columbian was built in Brownsville in 1848, for Capt William Dean who sold it to Capt Thomas Greenlee in 1850.  Listed in Way’s Packet Directory numbered 1252, Capt Way made no mention of the Poes or any other Georgetown owners in his packet biography.  The boat was off the lists in 1855.  From this thin thread of evidence, one word on this document, I claim one of the Poe brothers owned the Columbian in 1852.


I have not yet been able to interpret the words “Caton Bot(t)ing” and “S Hiat”.

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4 Responses to “Receipt dated 1852”

  1. PD says:

    Caton Bot(t)ing, struck me as possibly a hasty rendering of “cotton batting”, which I expect would have had a number of potential uses on the boats, such as padding items of cargo ….

  2. fwnash says:

    I agree that cotton batting fits the writing on the receipt. Do you have any suggestions for “S Hiat”?

    The evidence is extremely thin on whether the Poes owned and/or operated the streamer Columbian.

  3. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  4. fwnash says:

    H’lo. Thanks for the kind words. What did you enjoy? I can concentrate on photos or short stories. You input will help choose my direction.