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Genealogy reports

Friday, April 29th, 2011

For several months, I have been reading a genealogical report, A Mackall Family in America, written by Jess R Finley in about 1994.  The book was lent to me by Bob Trimble, the senior spokesperson for Georgetown, PA.  Robert Burton Trimble is also my second cousin. 


In the Mackall genealogy report Jess R Finley indicates that George Town was named by Benoni Dawson to honor his uncle George Dawson rather than his son who was also named George Dawson…  I have updated “It Used to Be a River Town to highlight this information. 


I have also found information to extend my personal genealogy file to include Poe-Mackall, Poe-Kinsey-Mackall, and Poe-Dawson-Mackall connections. 


My personal genealogy report is not available to the public for several reasons.  First and most importantly, my file contains information on living people which should not be made public according to normal genealogical etiquette.  It also contains known, and quite probably unknown, errors.  As I discover reports, I add them to my personal report.  Reports differ.  I often do not know who is correct.  So I add both to my file knowingly introducing errors.  My last file statistics indicated 2530 individuals, 12 generations, 805 marriages…