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Georgetown Homecoming 2013

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Saturday last I traveled to Georgetown, PA to attend the 2013 Georgetown Homecoming.  The event was held in hot, humid, and t-storm threatening weather in the yard of Georgetown home built in 1848.  The home is adjacent to the Georgetown United Methodist Church which was erected in 1877.  A fun time ― meeting old friends and relatives; sharing stories and past histories.   A good story brings out the best in good food and good friends.  Although the town has a population of only 182 according to the 2010 census, the reunion attracted well over 200 people from as far as California. 

Georgetown Homecoming 2013 (F Nash Collection)

By the way, the rain predicted passed by the town.  Maybe Capt Thomas W Poe’s spirit was watching over us. 





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