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The Game (published)

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

A fun story about a baseball game between the barnstorming Honus Wagner team and a local team of ballplayers centered around Georgetown, PA was published in the East Liverpool Review on 29 Sep 2013.  The setting was Aug 1924 at the Georgetown Ballfield which still exists.  The entertainment provided while celebrating “Old Homecoming Week in 1924″ on the south side of the Ohio River was baseball.  Many descendants of the Georgetown baseball team are still in the area.  For example, Fred D Kinsey DDS in Chester, WV (whose father was my family dentist) is a descendant of the hero, Chuck Kinsey.  That walk-off hit by Chuck Kinsey personified the spirit of Georgetown. 

Many thanks to Burt Trimble whose family photos of the teams greatly enhance the story.

Have a look.   The Game.



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