Capt Frederick Way, Jr

Over the holidays, I was gifted a woodcut print of Capt Fred Way by an artist friend of my family.  The artist is Sue Neff, a resident of Sewickley, PA.  I was gifted an Artist Proof printed in 1990.  Sue said she would rerun the image and try to lighten the facial features with a lighter paint.  I wonder whether the Ohio River Museum would want an image of Capt Way by an artist from his hometown.

Woodcut print of Capt Fred Way by Sue Neff dated 1990











Capt Way in Georgetown 1940 (Anna L and John F Nash Collection)


Capt Way with Fred Hughes visited George WE Poe, Parthenia Parr Calhoon, and Lillian May (Poe) Wagner in 1940.  Capt Way wrote several articles for the S&D Reflector about the steamboat families of Georgetown.









The gift also reminded me of a museum donation given the Wellsville River Museum by Capt Albert C Gilmore of Georgetown.  Capt Gilmore donated several photos and the horns of the str Cruiser.  Two photos featured the str Betsy Ann owned by Capt Way.

Ohio River Museum Donation ca 1965



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