Family Bibles

My sister, Judy Maravich, has three Family Bibles:

(1)     George Washington Ebert and Nancy Ann Poe

(2)    John A Trimble and Mary Ann (Mollie) Ebert

(3)    Francis M Nash and Mary Magdalena McClelland Trimble


The condition of each book is poor.  The oldest Bible dated 1845 belonged to George W Ebert and Nancy Ann Poe.  It has been restored professionally.  During its restoration the back cover was used as the front and a simple leather covered binding was added to the back.  The family records pages are intact and have been scanned for your review.


The family records pages of the Mollie Ebert Bible have been removed.  It was dated 1855.


Finally, the Delena Trimble Bible has been held together by a belt.  The opening pages through the Title page are missing but the family records are intact.

An image of a curious thanatopsis “from the grave of the old man Adam Poe” is included.  At this time, the Adam Poe has not been identified.


Ebert Family Bible.


EbertPoe Bible Cover



EbertPoe-Bible-Births page2


EbertPoe-Bible-Family Records

EbertPoe-Bible-Family Records page2


Trimble Family Bible.



TrimbleEbert-Bible-Title Page

TrimbleEbert-Bible-Family Records (missing)



Nash Family Bible.


NashTrimble) Bible (first page


NashTrimble-Bible Family Records




Adam Poe Thanatopsis


Adam Poe Thanatopsis

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