Georgetown Cemetery File

Georgetown Cemetery File ca 1970

Georgetown Cemetery File ca 1970


A report listing the names of the people buried in Georgetown Cemetery has been loaded as an Excel 2013 spreadsheet.   The link to the spreadsheet is:  Georgetown Cemetery File.  This file can be downloaded for local artful analysis. It can be sorted by any column, such as lastname, year of death, veteran service, and various combinations. The file is an overlay of four different sources:


(1)  Hand Typed List ca 1970 preparer unknown.

(2)  Find a Grave List

(3) Genealogy  PitStop Database.

(4)  List and Map by Thomas Lombard dated 2001.


In the Hand Typed List, the names numbered 883 with 46 veterans identified with flags or GAR markers.  The Strain mausoleum was locked according to a note in the document so its contents are not included. The date of the last burial listed was 1973, the earliest was 1795.  I know neither when the document was compiled nor who compiled it.  As I learn more about the mausoleum and the cemetery activeness, I will post updates.


Find-a-Grave was added to the first source.  The names then totaled 1062.  Completely new names have been added in red font.


The Genealogy PitStop DB is an analysis of all the local newspaper obituaries.  It has not been completely reviewed and added to the two sources mentioned.


The List and Map developed by Thomas Lombard, the President of the Georgetown Cemetery Maintenance Association, identifies the interred by stone.  Each name is associated with a numerical identifier attached to the marker and location.  In some cases there are names without headstone.  Those individuals have been a list number of zero.  There are also thirty-one  stones where the information is illegible.

The Excel format supports search and sort operations which provide insight into the data.  The Hand Typed List source data is in black; the columns with a blue font I added; the red font indicates names not included in the Hand Typed List.


It would be foolish to pretend that this summary can be either precise or complete.   The count currently stands at 1430.  Updates from Find-a-Grave and other sources will be added.





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