Adam Poe 15 May 1852

                                                                                                                                Ravenna, May 15th 1852



Dear Sir


                                Yours of the first of April duly

came to hand but I have been from home for

some time the reson that I have not replyed

You asked about Coln Poe living near

Cleveland.  there is a David W. Poe living in

Brooklin Cuyahoga county 4 miles from Cleveland

(he is a cousin of mine) he is a son of Adam Poe

he is about 55 years old I do not think that he

could give you any additional information

Coln George Poe the oldest son of Adam Poe

lived in the state of Michigan, he died last

tear he was about 74 years old when he died

Thomas Poe the 3rd son of Adam Poe is about

69 years old lives in George Town Beaver County

Pa.  Adam Poe had seven sons and two

daughters they are all dead but Thomas

& David.  Andrew Poe had 9 daughters

and 2 sons.  10 of us are living yet the youngest

is 50 and the oldest is 72 years old.

I do not recollect of even hearing of Mrs Humphrey

& can give you no information on that subject

I never heard of Lewis Tucker – but I have

often heard my Father and Mother talk of him

he lived near Burgets Town Washington County

in an early day – or about the first settlement

of the country


I know nothing of his desendents

he lived somewhere near where my father

and uncle lived on Harmon’s Creek in

troublesome times with the Indians my Father

moved near the Ohio River and built a fort

on his land inclosing his house – and lived

there the rest of his life,  Adam Poe remained

at Harmon’s Creek for a number of years

after my Father came away.  I suppose that

Thomas Poe could give you information

respecting Tucker

Please excuse my delay in writing

be affirmed that I duly appreciate and commend

your laudable design in preserving the

memorys of those that suffered as

much in the privations hardships and

dangers incident to the first settlements of

the county,  If I contribute any thing to

your assistance I would do it promptly

with great satisfaction  I will see Genl

Harris in a day or two and have him send

on his statement

                                                Yours Respectfully

                                                                Adam Poe

Mr Lyman C Draper




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