TS Calhoon’s Book 1866

In 1866, Thomas S Calhoon was the 1st clerk aboard the str Amelia Poe on its trip to Ft Benton in the Montanan territory.  The Amelia Poe owned and commanded by Capt Thomas W Poe, was the first packet from Georgetown, PA to battle the upper Missouri River all the way to Ft Benton.  The following journal entries were taken from a photocopy of a translation of Thomas S Calhoon’s Book 1866  [1] 

The List of Officers and Crew on board Stmr Amelia Poe bound for Fort Benton M.T. Tuesday March 20, 1866

Capt. Thomas Poe
Clks.  J. Q. A. Parr
            T. S. Calhoon
Engs.  Jacob Ewing
            J. W. Crawford
Pilots Wert Asby
             Wm. Howard
Steersman  Saml. Davis
Indian Interpreter  John Saville
Mate  Jesse Huff
Watchmen  Jos. Green
                       Geo. W. Hughs
Carpenter Geo. Fields

Cabin Crew
Steward  Geo. Calhoon
2nd “        Saml Golding
Cook  Thomas Conkle
Chambermaid  Ellen Fields

Total Amt. Ft. Benton Frt.
Lyman Bates & Wykoff      104,729
Carrol & Steel                       94,216
Frank Walker                       111,417
John J. Roe & Co.                  41,805
H. D. Bouge & Co.                    4,172
J. G. Baker                                    305
S. S. Tuttle                                 1,576
N.. Merriman                            2,874
Mrs Carter                                    345

  361194 @ 13¢                    46955.22
  345 @ 15¢                                  51.75

  30798 @ 4¢                           1231.92
  2995 @ 4¢                                119.80
  27278 @ 4¢                             545.56


The steamers sighted during the up river trip on the Missouri were:

Iron City 
Gold Finch
Peter Balen
Walter B Dance
Deer Lodge
Jennie Brown
St Johns 
Only Chance
Wm. J. Lewis
Mollie Dozier

Book 1866


Mon, 12 Mar  Home

Tue, 13 Mar     Left Georgetown for Cint (Cincinnati) to go on the Stmr Amelia Poe bound for the Mountains   Pitt to Cint 500 miles

Wed, 14 Mar  Arrived in Cincinnati this morning at 7 o’clock

Thu, 15 Mar    Left Cint on Stmr St Charles for Nashville at 4 PM

Fri, 16 Mar       Arrived in Louisville this morning at 4 o’clock   Left at 7 AM for Nashville   Took dinner at Bolinggreen, KY   Arrived at Nashville at 5 ½ PM   Stopping at the City Hotel

Sat, 17 Mar     In Nashville all day   Got settled with JFO’Schaughnessy and Ewing   Left for Louisville at 9 PM   Weather quite cold

Sun, 18 Mar    Arrived at Llouisville this morning at 5 o’clock   Took breakfast at the National Hotel   Left for Cint on the Stmr Gene Anderson

Mon, 19 Mar  In Cincinnati   The Amelia commecnced taking mountain freight   Rained

Tue, 20 Mar     Loading all day   Left for Ft Benton Idaho at 6 o’clock PM   Stormy   Landed at Risingsun and Madison for wind

Wed, 21 Mar  Pleasant day   Past Louisville at 9 AM

Thu, 22 Mar    Landed at Owensboro at 3 AM

Fri, 23 Mar      Arrived at Cairo at 3 AM   Left at 6 ½   Raining   Past Cape Girardau at 12 ½ PM

Sat, 24 Mar     Past St Genovic at 9 AM   Landed at St Louis at 10 PM

Sun, 25 Mar   In St Louis

No of miles from Pittsburgh via the River to the Rocky Mountains or Ft Benton

             500 to Cincinnati
             150 to Louisville
             600 to St Louis
            3175 to Ft Benton


Mon, 26 Mar  In St Louis   Night out town with Mssr Bates Wykoff Poe Montgomery Parr   Had much fun

Tue, 27 Mar     Receiving frt for Ft Benton   Expect to leave tomorrow

Wed, 28 Mar  Did not leave   Was out tonight with Capt Poe Lyman Bates Parr Hughs and Frank Walker   Recvd frt all day

Thu, 29 Mar    In St Louis   Will leave tomorrow

Fri, 30 Mar      Left St Louis 6 PM for Ft Benton   All OK   I weigh #132

Sat, 31 Mar     On our way this morning   Sky bright and clear  Past St Charles this morning   Laid up above St Charles to fix leak in the boiler   Went hunting with Mr Bates JQA Parr highs for dog  All got one squirrel but the dog

Sun, 1 Apr       Morning bright and clear   In sight of Herman Mo   Past mouth of Gasconade at 11 AM   It is a small stream   Landed at Jefferson City at 8 PM   Left at 10 PM   Coald  took on frt and passengers

Mon, 2 Apr     Past Providence at 7 AM   Past Roach Port at 11 AM   Beautiful day   Past Boonville MO 2 PM   Landed and put off frt   Had a hail storm and rainbow at the mouth of Lamain River Mo   Landed at supper time for wood   Had a hard storm

Tue, 3 Apr       Morning aground above Cambridge   Broke the wheel   Past Brunswick 2 PM   Very Windy   Landed at Miami Mo and put off old Jew Closes   Moving at 4 ½ PM   Found SB Iron City aground above Miami 

Wed, 4 Apr     Aground this morning on ten(?) snags   Cold and wintrry   11 Am  past Stmr Iron City at Waverly, Mo   At 2 PM wooded and are now after the Stmr Iron City Amanda and Gold Finch

Thu, 5 Apr       Spard all night below Lexington   Got off and coald   Snow storm last night   Quite cold   Ground covered with snow   Run all day in pursuit of the Amanda and Gold Finch   Day pleasant but cool  8 PM still running

Fri, 6 Apr        Morning bright and clear   Run last nght   Left Amanda at wood pile   Past Iron City and Gold Finch below Kansas City   Landed at Kansas City at 4 ½ AM   Put out frt and got new anchor sent to us from St Louis  7 Am  laid up for fog   Iron City alongside  Landed at Leavenworth City at 2 PM  Left at 2 ½ PM  John killed a blind goose

Sat, 7 Apr        Morning beautiful   Just above Atchisons got aground   Was detained 1 10/60 of hour   Arrived at St Josephs 4 PM   Left at 7 PM ahead of the Iron City and Gold Finch Beautiful evening   Past several towns dont know the names   Have no card couldn’t read it if I had one – Arkansas

Sun, 8 Apr       Morning bright and clear   Wooding above St Jo   Beginning to see the Missouri in all its beauty   Just below Gra,ne,me,ha Creek Sunday afternoon   Past Forest City this evening  Run all day getting along fine

Mon, 9 Apr     Morning cold and windy   Laid up all last night at wood yard   Got aground   Was detained 2 hours   Gold Finch and Amanda past up afternoon up at wood yard   Dark and raining   Saw some floating ice  SB Gold Finch alongside

Tue, 10 Apr     Left Readers wood yard at 8 AM   Was detained by fog   Weather cold   Afternoon pleasant   Just past Joshua Botna River Mo   Hot after the Iron City and Gold Finch   Arrived Nebraska City in the night

Wed, 11 Apr   
Birght and clear   Have just left Nebraska City 5 AM   Passing through beautiful prairie   Got aground a short time at Plat City mouth of Platt River just above laid up three hours for winds

Thu, 12 Apr     Morning bright and clear   Laid up last night some distance below Council Bluffs Iowa   Arrived at Council Bluffs 9 AM   Got aground below Omaha   Laid at Omaha all night

Fri, 13 Apr      Morning winds   Aground above Omaha

Sat, 14 Apr      Beautiful day   Laid up all night a Lakes   John off at Geo Wests

Sun, 15 Apr     Started out and could not make it   River rising fast

Mon, 16 Apr  Started out this morning   Went through one bend and quit for high water

Tue, 17 Apr     Left this morning at 7 o’clock   Windy and raining   River falling   Came near sinking in a deep bend but got through and laughed afterwards   Had a free fight and the Ball Went On   Landed five miles above Little Sioux for the river to fall   Weather cold

Wed, 18 Apr  Laid up in the woods   River rising   Killd two rabbits today

Thu, 19 Apr     Got poisoned yesterday

Fri, 20 Apr      Still in the woods

Sat, 21 Apr      Nothing new

Sun, 22 Apr     Beautiful day   Still in the wood

Mon, 23 Apr  Still laid up

Tue, 24 Apr     Left this morning and made the riffle

Wed, 25 Apr  Laid up last night in the woods   Wooded opposite Decatur N.T.   Laid up just below Blackbird Hill tonight

Thu, 26 Apr     At the Omeha Mission

Fri, 27 Apr      Laid up last night at Stanleys wood yard   12 M laid up for wind

Sat, 28 Apr      Arrived at Sioux City this afternoon Discharged frt and went on   Laid up in woods at night

Sun, 29 Apr     Beautiful day   Made a good run   Past the Iowa Bluffs this afternoon

Mon, 30 Apr  Windy   Ran until 12 M  Wooded at Gundersons   took 16 ½   Started out   Wind blew us across the river   Laid up till supper   Started out run until 9 o’clock  Laid up for night below Vermillion River

Tue, 1 May      Morning cold and windy   Some snow   Started out twice but could not make it wind too high got off at Eleven   Had some trouble getting around the bar   Past Vermillion at 2 o;clock PM

Wed, 2 May    Started out this morning at 4   Came in sight of the Gold Finch and Favorite at 9   Past Gold Finch just below Yankton D.T.   Got aground a short time   Landed at Yankton at 12 M   Left at 1 PM   Past Bow Hickmans Island at 5 PM

Thu, 3 May      Run all day   Weather favorable   Wooded below Schotians Creek   Took 19 cord   Gold Finch behind   Favorite in sight ahead   8 PM river falling slow   Saw some of the Poncha tribe today


Fri, 4 May       Past Yankton Agcy at 7 AM   Did not land   When some five miles above in a bend the Stmr Favorite ran into us braking our cylindar timbers cams etc  The Stmr Favorite came alongside and staid until 3 PM   She then left on her way   The SB Gold Finch past at 12 M

Sat, 5 May       Saturday morning beautiful   Left at 10 AM   Have got repaired   Arrive at Fort Randall at 2 PM   Laid over one hour   Landed at Cedar Island at 5 PM   took 10 cords of cedar wood at 7.00 per cord

Sun, 6 May      Beautiful day   Have made good run   Past Bijo Hills this evening   Laid up for the night above

Mon, 7 May    Morning raining  rather cool   Started at day light this morning   Saw five antelope this morning for the first   Got wood from the Sontee Indians today

Tue, 8 May      Morning foggy but clearing up pleasant   Past Crow Creek Agcyat 7 AM   Stmr Ontario and Favorite behind   Wooded at the foot of Big Bens at 10 AM   Laid up for the night on an island ahead of the Bend

Wed, 9 May    Morning beautiful   Left at day light   Have had some trouble this forenoon getting over sand bars  Took 12 ½ cords of wood opposite Cedar I.   Ontario and Favorite came up with us   Have run steadily all day   Laid up for the night at 7 ½ PM in sight of the fort   We cut some cedar today

Thu, 10 May    Long to be remembered  Arrived here at 6 ½ AM   Laid all day & night   Discharged 15 tons frt etc  ere Stmr Gold Finch Left at 7 AM   Stmr Favorite at 10 AM   We left Stmr Ontario here 11th   There are plenty of Indians here of all sorts and sizes

Fri, 11 May     Laid up below the mouth of Schiann River   30 miles run all day   

Sat, 12 May     Beautiful morning  Shot at a wolf in the river below Big Schiann   Kild one antelope just above   Cut wood twice   Laid up for the night in sight of the Stmr Gold Finch and Peter Bolen   Sprinking rain

Sun, 13 May    Beautiful morning  Was wooding this morning and did not start until 6 AM   Arrived at Mouth of Schiann at 12 M   Got aground   Got off at 2 PM   Wne to shore to cut wood in company with Gold Finch and Peter Bolen   Wooded all afternoon   Laid all night

Mon, 14 May  Beautiful morning   Run until 9AM   Got aground    Got off by 4 PM   Stmrs Ontario Gold Finch and Peter Bolen in company with us  Got a letter from ? by the Ontario per Mr Carroll  Yours Most Respectfully   8PM tied up to shore all night

Tue, 15 May    Left this morning   Below the Mouth of Moriaw got aground   Got off and laid up at 11 AM until 4 PM for wind   Stmrs Ontario Peter Bolen & Gold Finch with us all day   Run until late   Laid up below the Moth of Grand River for the night   

Wed, 16 May              Beautiful morning   Left Early   Got aground before breakfast one hour   Wooded on an island   The best wood we have found   Made a good run today   Got aground this evening a few minutes  Now tied up with the Ontario for the night

Thu, 17  May   Cool and pleasant   Left early   Landed on an island before breakfast and wooded   Landed at 11 AM for wind   Started out at 2 PM    Laid up for the night with te Ontario above Beaver River  Two Bears Chief of the Sioux here tonight

Fri, 18 May     Started out this morning but had to lay up for wind   I went hunting antelope and got enough to last the trip   Left a 1 PM   Wooded at 4 PM at Mouth of Cannonball River   Landed on the opposite side of Ft Rice 6 PM  Laid all night   Very windy

Sat, 19 May     Left Ft Rice this morning at 3 o’clock   It has been very windy all day   Lost one hour for wind but made a good run   We are now laid up for the night above the Mouth of Hart River   82 miles by the card from Ft Rice   Went hunting and found two dead Indians on a tree

Sun, 20 May    Beautiful morning   9 AM out on a hill on picket with Mssrs Walker & Wykoff while we get some wood   Saw some Indians in a ravine  they hailed us but we did not stop   Run all day

Mon, 21 May              Weather cool   Left this morning at 2 ½ o’clock   Wooded in a drift pile before breakfast   11 Am  38 miles from Fort Berthold   Splendid location for coal  Some three vanes thick here by 100 yards long   Got to Randall at ? o’clock PM

Tues, 22 May              Left Fort Berthold this morning at 3 o’clock   Wooded just in sight   Got 6 cords from the soldiers   Weather quite windy   Landed in the evening for wind  and had a (an erasure here)   Highs and Vicnent Opend the Ball   Left V- in the wooods  too hot to stop

Wed, 23 May              Morning cool and windy   7 AM wooding out of a drift pile   Mr Bates kild one antelope here   Afternoon laid up for wind and wooding   I saw a buffalo coming down to the boat and there was a general rush for the guns and we got in less than no time   How are you beef

Thu, 24 May    Morning cool and pleasant   We started at 3 o’clock this AM and it got very windy and blew all day  The Stmr Walter B Dance past up   We did not lose much time today   Came to a swift place and had to cordell through   Swung and lost two achors  

Fri, 25 May     Morning very windy   Started at 3 o’clock this AM  Landed at 6 ½ to wood   Stmr Deer Lodge came alongside  the first arrival from Fort Benton this season  We got her anchor   Lost one hour aground   River falling   Wind blowing hard   Got sail up and going a hooping   Landed at the Tobacco Garden for storm   Laid up all night 10 miles above

Sat, 26 May     Left this morning early  Wooded before breakfast   Went around a big Bend at dinner time   Got good wooding inthe evening  Stmr Jennie Brown and Peter Balen came in sight 6 PM   Laid up with Jennie Brown   Bolen gone on

Sun, 27 May    Morning cold but not so windy   Lay forty miles below Ft Union   Wooded today in a cottonwood deadening with Peter Balen at 12 M

Mon, 28 May              Morning beautiful   Wooded three times this forenoon   Landed at 8 & left at 12 M   Got good ash wood here   Stmr St Johns past down at 11 AM   River rising and swift

Tue, 29 May    Beautiful day  No wind   Wood scarce  Saw some floating ice today   We run all last night

Wed, 30 May  Beautiful day   Run all day   Wooded three times   We run all last night   I shot one antelope today   Stmr Waverly past down at 11 AM

Thu, 31 May    Pleasant day   Left the Mouth of the Milk River at 6 AM   Wooded and arrived at Fort Copelin at 10 AM   Took 8 cords of wood at 8.00 and left   Past SB Tacony 5 miles above aground   Got good cottonwood this eve above the Dry Fork

Fri, 1 Jun         Beautiful day  We run all last night and past Stmrs Only Chance and Favorite laid up   Put D.M. Jellette on SB Only Chance  Have run all day   Past the Round Bute at 6 PM   Wood plenty  Wooded three times today

Sat, 2 Jun        Beautiful weather   Run all night   Plenty of wood below Mussell Shell   Landed at the Mussell Shell at 8 PM and went on   Run all night

Sun, 3 Jun       Cool morning   It rained some last night but did not stop us from running   The Stmr Wm. J. Lewis past down today at 12 M   We run all night

Mon, 4 Jun      Weather cool   We run all night  Came to Cow Island at 6 this morning   Wood is scarce and river scarce  It sprinkled rain today  We laid up for a while for wind

Tue, 5 Jun        Beautiful day   Ladi up last night and cleaned boilers below Budds Rapids  Had to warp over and it took us to 12 M to get over   Stmr Mollie Dozier past down  Wood scarce since we left Mussell Shell   Budds Rapids   Rock on the left

Wed, 6 Jun      Laid up all night just above Lone Pine Rapids   Lone Pine Rapids  Hill on Left bank   Had to warp twice today   This evening I think we are at Council Ground   There is island   Wood getting more plenty   Laid near the Mouth of Judith all night   Wood plenty

Thu, 7 Jun       Weather daMp   Wooded below the Mouth of Judith until 10 AM   Arrived at Drowned Mans Rapids at 11 ½   Got over at 2 ½ PM   It is very swift and say 200 yards long   Hill and cliff of rock on left hand bank   When we get up to a dead pine we will be over  

Fri, 8 Jun         Laid all night below Arow River   Burnt boilers and did not get away this morning until 9 AM   Past Arow River at 11 ½   Stmr Marcella past down here

Sat, 9 Jun        Weather cold & windy   Wood very scarce   We have not run far today   Very desolate country   The river is not so swift today   We laid up all last night

Sun, 10 Jun     Cold and rainy   Laid all night st the Mouth of Marias   Past Mouth at 9 AM    Wood scarce and played out  Stmr Big Horn past down at 2 ½ PM   Rained all day

Mon, 11 Jun    Arrived at Fort Benton at 2 ½ PM                

Mch     1         Day
Apl      30
May     31
June     10 1/2
72 ½    up stream



Tue, 12 Jun      Quite cold in FtBenton

We, 13 Jun      Got the freight out today

Thu, 14 Jun     Settling up   Biz to go to St Louis



The steamers sighted during the trip on the Missouri were:


Down River


David Watts
Tom Stevens
Lillie Martin
Jennie Lewis
Peter Balen
Iron City 
David Watts
Big Horn
Mary McDonald
St Johns 
Nellie Rodgers
Deer Lodge
Elk Horn
Sam Gaty
J.H. Lacey
Mary Davage



Fri, 15 Jun       Left Ft Benton this morning 6 ½ Am bound for St Louis   Fine day   Can see snow on the mountains   Met the SB Luella at Mouth of Judith   Laid up for the night a 8 ½ PM in the woods                                

Sat, 16 Jun  Cool morning   Laid last night at Dry Point   Past Mouth of Mussellshell at 9 AM  Met Stmr Helena 10 miles above Round Bute 2 PM   David Watts 10 miles below Round Bute

Sun, 17 Jun     Beautiful warm day   Laid last night in the woods   Met the Tom Stevens at ort Coplin  Met the stmrs Lillie Martini  Sunset  Agnes  and Huntsville at Spread Eagle Camp lighting over the bar

Mon, 18 Jun  Fine day with a little shower   Past Ft Union at 2 PM Now laid up for the night in the woods

Tue, 19 Jun  Fine morning but turned windy   Laid up from 12 Pm to 2 ½ PM next day in company with the stmr Morion

Wed, 20 Jun    Cool and snowing

Thu, 21 Jun     ALongside the SB Jennie Lewis taking onboard te 13 th US Inft their supplies etc   W Clinton Major Cmmdg 13 US Infty

Fri, 22 Jun  Left this morning at 5 o’clock for Ft Benton   Run all day till evening   Wooded ½ hour   Landed at 6 PM laid all night and to wood

Sat, 23 Jun  Rainy morning   Started out this morning at ? o’clock  Met Peter Balen & Tacony going down   Landed for storm at 12   Left at 1 ½   Had to warp throuogh Anchor Point   Landed for wood at 6 ½ PM   Laid up for night @ 9 ½ PM   Rained hard today

Sun, 24 Jun  Wind bound in the woods all day   Started out at 6 ½ PM   River rising

Mon, 25 Jun  Left this morning at 3 o’clock   Landed alongside the Iron City at 7 Am   Was wind bound until 4 PM   Weather cold

Tue, 26 Jun  Started out this morning at 3 o’clock   Landed at 12 ½   Left again at 1 ½   Laid up for wind until 4 PM   Weather cold

Wed, 27 Jun    Beautiful morning    Wooded at 9   Wooded again at 2 PM   Landed again at 5 PM until 8 below the cutoff in te cottonwood deaening

Thu, 28 Jun     Run all last night   Arrived at Ft Union at 3 o’clock   Wooded ¾ of an hour this PM   Laid up for the night at 8 PM to clean out boilers

Fri, 29 Jun       Started out at 4 o’clock   Lost 2 ½ hours fixing mud valve   Wooded 3 hours this PM   Laid up for the night at 10 o’clock                                   

Sat, 30 Jun  Started this Am at 4 o’clock   Landed for wind at 8 ½ AM   Was wind bound all day   Got splendid wooding

Sun, 01 Jul  Started this morning at 4 ½   Weather quite cold   Kild buffalo this morning before breakfast   River falling   Laid up for the night at 9 ½ PM

Mon, 02 Jul  Started thsi Am at 4   Laid up at 11 ½ to fix the coupling   Left at 3 PM   Pat Fort Coplin at 9 PM   Laid up for the night at 10 ½ o’clock

Tue, 03 Jul  Laid last night   Left this OM at 4   Steamer Lillie Martin

Wed, 04 Jul     Beautiful day   Laid up last night below Around Bute   David Watts past down this AM at 5 ½   Run all day   Laid up at 7 o’clock PM to wood  clean out boilers and stop leak in one of the flues   Was aground 2 1/2/hours today

Thu, 05 Jul      Started this morning at 5 1/2/ o’clock   Was aground ½ hour this AM   Landed at 1/2/ to 11 AM for wood   Left 12 ½ M   Windy   Landed at 5 PM for wood

Fri, 06 Jul        Left this morning at 4.15   Past Mouth of Musselshell at 6 ½ AM   Past Fort Smith 3 PM   Laid up at 7 PM to wood and for all night

Sat, 07 Jul       Started this morning at 5 o’clock   Wooded some before we started   Landed for wood at 6 ¼   Stmr Agnes past down   Left ¼ to 11   Wooded from 3 to 4

Sun, 08 Jul      Started this morning at 4 ¼   Laid last night on Grand Island  Past Cow Island at 9 this AM   Warped through Budds and Dofans Rapids  Laid up for the night at 10 1/4

Mon, 09 Jul     Started at 4 o’clock this morning   Had to warp once today below the Mouth of Judith   12.15 M  Stmrs laid up awaiting orders Cora Big Horn Iron City Waverly Tom Stevens Mary McDonald

Tue, 10 Jul       Laying below the Mouth of Judith   Started aboce at 3 PM to unload Stmr St Johns arrived from the Mouth of Marias this morning   Stmr Nellie Rodgers past up this PM

Wed, 11 Jul     Morning laying at Camp Cook unloading  The Stmr Huntsville past down at 6 AM   We left the Mouth of Judith at 5 PM  Left the Stmrs Waverly and Mary Macdonald there   Met the Ontario one mile below the Gallatin at the Rip Raps   Deer Lodge just over Dofans Rapids 35 days out of St Louis   Laid up at 9 ½ five miles above Cow Island

Thu, 12 Jul      Started this morning at 4   Landed at 3.15 PM for wood   Left again at 7 ½   Laid up at 9 ½ PM for the night with the St Johns and Big Horn  Three months today since John left us

Fri, 13 Jul        Started this AM at 4   Past Round Bute at 7 AM   Past Dry Fork at 12 M   Landed below Ft Coplin at 1 ½ PM   Laid all afternoon wooding   Had a heavy storm

Sat, 14 Jul       Started this morning at ?   Past Milk Rive 5  Stmr Ontario past us at 9 AM   Laid up last night below Ft Coplin   Was aground one hour today   Broke the wheel and lost one hour fixing it   Landed at Ft Union for the night at 10.15 o’clock

Sun, 15 Jul      Started this morning at ?   Landed at 8 Am for wood   Left at 10   Landed for wood at 2 ¼   Laid all afternoon and night

Mon, 16 Jul     Left at 4 this AM   Landed and got 5 cords of cut wood at @7.00 per cord   Landed at 9   Left at 10 ½   Past Fort Rice 2 o’clock PM   Landed ½ hour   Landed at 4 ½ for wood   Laid all night

Tue, 17 Jul       Left this Am at 4.15   Landed at 8 ½ for wood   Not good   Went on   Landed at 9   Left at 10 ½   Past Fort Rice 2 o’clock PM   Landed ½ hour   Landed 4 ½ PM for wood   Laid all night

Wed, 18 Jul     Started this morning at 3.45AM   Landed one hour this PM for wood   Laid up for the night at 9 PM

Thu, 19 Jul      Started this morning at 4   Landed above Ft Sully and got 10 cords of cut wood   Got wind bound at 10 AM   Left again at 2 ½ PMLanded again at 3.15 for wind   Started again at 6 ½ PM   Laid up for storm at 7

Fri, 20 Jul        Started this morning at 4 o’clock   Met Stmr Sunset abovr Ft Sully   Landed at Sully at 4.45 and ordered to wait orders   Commenced loading for Camp Sackett at 9 AM   

Sat, 21 Jul       Laying at Ft Sully loading   Stmr Sunset arrived here  Stmr Deer Lodge past down

Sun, 22 Jul      Left this morning at 4 o’clock fro Camp Sackett   Arrived there at 2.4 PM

Mon, 23 Jul     At Camp Sackett unloading   Got unloaded at 4 PM and left for Ft Sully   Landed and got 2 ¾ cords of wood cut at 6.00 per cord   Arrived at Sully 8 PM

Tue, 24 Jul       Laying at Ft Sully loading   Got 8 cords of cut wood 6.00 per cord from Lue 

Wed, 25 Jul     Left Ft Sully at 9 ½ o’clock with a load of frt and 100 soldiers  Landed at Harneys Winter Quarters and got 3 cords of cut woo at 6.00 per cord   Landed for a storm at 5 PM   Left at 5 ½   Again landed for a storm at 5 PM   Left at 5 ½   Landed again for the storm at 6   Started at 7 again

Thu, 26 Jul      Started at 3 o’clock this morning   Arrived at Camp Sackett at 6.45 AM and commenced unloading

Fri, 27 Jul        Left Camp Hackett at 1 ½ Pm   Landed at Ft Sully at 4 ½   Stormy   Left at 5 ½   Landed at 7 below Sully and laid all night   Got 40 cords of cut wood from Lue

Sat, 28 Jul       Started this morning at 7.20   Was aground half an hour   Past Crow Creek Agency at 3 PM   Plenty of cut wood

Sun, 29 Jun     Started at 5 o’clock   Broke the mud drum pipe by striking a bar at 5.20   Got repd and left at 12 ½   Broke the wheel at 3.15  Got repaired at 5.15 and started  Swung against the bank and broke it again   Had to lay here all night

Mon, 30 Jul     Got repaired from last night’s brake up and left this morning at 4.15 o’clock   Landed at Eleven Mile Island and got 6 cords of wood at 4.50 per cord   Got aground one hour and 20 minutes   Landed at Fort Randall at 11 MA   Left at 12 ½ P   Laid up for the night at 8 PM

Tue, 31 Jul       Left this morning at 4 ½   Landed at 8 AM   Got 6 cords of wood   Got wind bound here and did not get away until 4 o’clock PM   Laid up for the night at 9 o’clock

Wed, 01 Aug              Started this morning at 3 ½   Arrived at Sioux City at 9.15   Left at 10.15   Arrived at Nichols Wood Yard at 5 ½ PM   Got 18 cords of wood at 3.00 per cord   Laid here all night

Thu, 02 Aug    Started this morning at 4 ½  Met Stmr Elk Horn above Omaha   Landed at Omaha at 12 M   Left at 3.45   Laid up at Melville  Left SB Cornelia at Omaha   Laid up at 8

Fri, 03 Aug      Started this morning at 4 AM   Met SB Sam Gaty   Laid up for wind at 11 AM   Left at 5 PM

Sat, 04 Aug     Started this morning at 4 o’clock   Arrived at St Jo at 8 AM   Boats in port Colorado Emalie J.H. Lacey   Left at 9.15

Sun, 05 Aug    Started this AM at 4   Met Mary Davage in Grove Point   Arrived at Lexington 8 AM   Arrived at Boonville 7.15 PM

Mon, 06 Aug  Arrived in St Louis at 10 PM


                        4 months & 10 days out


Tue, 07 Aug    In St Louis settling up through Friday 10


Sat, 11 Aug     Left St Louis at 9 PM for Cincinnati

Sun, 12 Aug    Arrived at Cairo 3 PM   Landed at Mound City to fix mud drum   Left at dark   Buried Mr John S Nicklin just above Metropolis, Ills

Mon, 13 Aug  Arrived at Paducah at 8 AM   Laid all night just above Shawneetown Ill

Tue, 14 Aug    Beautiful morning   Just past Mouth of Wabash   Arrived at Evansville at 4 o’clock PM

Wed, 15 Aug              Took 600 bushels of coal at Canelton Ind this morning at 5 o’clock   Price 9¢ per bush

Thu, 16 Aug    Arrived at Louisville at 4 AM   Left at 1 PM for Cint

Fri, 17 Aug      Arrived at Cincinnati at 2 PM

Sat, 18 Aug     In Cincinnati

Sun, 19 Aug    Left for Georgetown at 8 PM

Mon, 20 Aug  Arrived at Georgetown at 2 PM


Tue, 21 Aug    Went to Island Run

Wed, 22 Aug              At home

Thu, 23 Aug    At home

Fri, 24 Aug      Went to Pittsburgh

Sat, 25 Aug     At Pittsburgh   Left for home

Sun, 26 Aug through Wed 29   In Georgetown

Thu, 30 Aug    On the town

Fri, 31 Aug      and Saturday, September 1   At Island Run

Sun, 02 Aug through Fri, 14   In Georgetown

Sat, 15 Aug     Arrived this PM in Fairview, Hancock Co West Va

Sun, 16 Aug    Went to church at Topes School House in the evening

Mon, 17 Aug  Left for New Cumberland West Va

Tue, 18 Aug    In New Cumberland

Wed, 19 Aug    Arrived in Georgetown


Fri, 05 Oct       Shipped on Stmr Rob Roy








[1]  The Ewing Family Paper, Thomas S Calhoon’s Book 1866, Box 5, Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, PA.

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