NPE Journal Segment 2



Journal  Segment 2


we are just passing a little

log cabin where seven men was killed

by the Indians O what a butiful grove

the tree stand in roes just as tho they

had been planted by the hand of man

we have seen a grate number of buffalo

our boys had quite jubilee

shooting at them did not kill any they

was to far off  whair we have laid up for

the night is in a shute of ground just about

ten miles below the round (buke) all hands hard

at work wind blowing very heard


                                June    Sunday the sixth

a very pleasant day about a 11 oclock still

in the shute part of our fraight on shore are

of and taking it in so I think we will soon be up

and going again the river is falling very fast they

do not expect to get up till we have a rain well

this is my first gloomey day sins I left my dear

native land I feel badley to see them all in so

much trouble and not knowing weather we can

get up at tall if not we will be in a pirty bad fix

the ondely coumfort thare is more in the same

fix so we will have company in this wild

countery whare thare is no inhabince but the

wild men of the wood and wild animals

About four oclock the boat got over and

the men has commenced to ferry the fraight

they are coming with the first load half to bring

it about a mild Ebert has laid down to take a nap

knoh he was up all night we will not get away

from hear today four boats past up today Silver Lake

Calossal Peater Balon Utica our pilot took the

Rong chute that is what got us in this trouble

                          June the Seventh

Seventh a very cloudey day wind high

Have not been running very much had to

Stop and cut wood the miner past up awhile

we was lying at shore they landed just above

us thare crew shot five bufaloo gave us one

I seen them shoot one in the river it was

Quite a curossety to me it looked like a grate

stack of hay floating along we had the

first bufaloo for supper I did not relish it

very much I think that is the first and last

for me un less I get hungery then ever I have

been we are going along pirty well this evening

it is sprinkling rain O but I do want to see

it rain for about a week we are very much

afraid we canot get up the water is so low

they are crying the water all most

all the time we are just this moment coming

to a very bad place they are crying

four feet

Laid in for the night all well maid a

Pirty good run considiern the low water and the high

winds all well but very much discuriged

I feel sorry for them Ebert is almost give up

Thinks if the river does not rais soon we will

Never get to Benton my heart akes for him he

Has a heard time wind still blowing ten oclock

                             June the

Eight this is a very pirty day except high wind

the wind has been blowing a perfick herican

all day our pilot is out sounding the

water as (yousal) we are laying out in the river

waiting his return I have often spoak of the

butiful seanery but today (enull)

all we past what they call the round buke to

day can see it for tow or three days we are just

passing mountains that look just like churches

with grate steaples O how butiful but the trouble

we have getting along killes it all I am afraid

this boat will never get to Benton we are going

aloung onse more Ebert has not had his supper

yet I must go and keep him company he feels so

badlely one of our passengers cough a very nice

mess of fish we had it for supper the bufalose

has souried on them all M Peppard

though it very fine at first he was so hungery

for fresh meet our chambermaid was a

shore today for the first sins we left St Louis

                        Laid in for the night

Whare they was sounding it got dark on them

Before the found the channel wind fell

After dark all well

                   June the Ninth

                            This is a plesent

day we have had for several days very calm and

warm have maid a very good run now about

seven oclock in the evining have just left

a wood yard whare we took twelve cord of wood

thoes men tell us they had a fight with the

Indians this spring killed thirteen of them and

the Indians killed two of the wood men and shot a

woman they had  living with them they calped

her she is living and getting well they cut off

Indians heads and boyled them to get thair calp

to send to washington citey

                                     Well I was surprised

with a very large wooden canon laying

at my door this evining I supose they

though they was going to have a good joak

on me as I am so fraid of the Indians well

I enjoyed the fun still I think thare is sum

on board is all most as courdely as

I am we got very bad news this evining

these wood men tell us thair is no snow on the

mountains so if we do not have a rain we

will never get to benton

                                  we have now landed at

fourt halley laid in for the night got bad news they

say thair is no snow on the mountains if that is so

we will never get up to Benton Indians very

troublsom hear some our crew seen the woman

that they shot and calped she is almost well

all feel very much discuriged thare is some very

loung faces on board to night I hope we will

have a change soon for the better all well I am

going to bed

                                June the tenth

                                               A very butiful

day sun shining very bright no sine of

rain O I canot describe my feelings this morning

I see Ebert is almost give up I feel so sorry

for him he is now laying on the bed reeding the

bible while our pilot is out sounding the water

we have been runing pirty well this morning

till now we have come to a very shole barr

I will lay down my pen till evining

                                              Five oclock the clouds

is beging to geather it has a aperance of rain on a very

heavy wind we are now laying at a wood yard

taking wood a grate many Indians hear some on board

baging all they can get the (funist) sight I have

seen on my trip was while we was laying hear

fifteen or sixteen Indian squaws swimming the river with

thair clothes teyd up in a bufaloo roab they all come

to the boat after they got thair clothes on

                                              Ten oclock wind has commensed

blowing I think we will not have any rain the wind

is as warm as if it was blowing of fire I was in the bed

when when thair came such a blast I thought

the (tenar) was going so I jumped up and

commensed puting on my clothes by the time I

got half dressed it was all over then we had a fue

sprinkles of rain so I went back and slept sound

                                   June the eleventh

                                               Very warm and

plesent su shiniing we are now passing threw

what they call 2 calf island are having a littel

trouble we are in a littel better sprites this morning

hurd whare we took wood the river was raising

a littel the Andey Ackley past down this morning

reported 3 feet at benton and raising so that

is a littel encurigment I do think yesterday

was one of the darkest days of my life to see

all the crew so much discuiriged also to think

we was so fare from home and friend cast in

a land of saviges not knowing how or weather

we was going to get back with the boat or

with our lives and that we do not know yet

we must leave that with a higher power my prayer

is that god will turn us to trust him in all things

                                    We have just got threw and

going very nicely Bertha just behind

they had as much trouble as we had gitting threw

one thing I forgot to mention we past a Indian

camp whare there was hundreds of men wimon

and children I tryd to count the dogs but they

was to numurous for the poneys they

looked as if the would number thousands

                                      half after one

laying at what they called grand island whare

four or five boats has left part of thare fraight and

left for benton this morning the men that is left

with the fraight tell us the river is raising our fellows

does not know yet what they will do

six oclock

                                 they have commensed

taking out part of our fraight are going

to try and get to cow island whare thare will

be a hope if they canot get up any further they

can get wagons to take it this is

a nother gloomy day all apears darkness

the river is raising a littel looks a littel like

rain this evining Ebert has almost give up

(torn page) r I try to chear him up all I can

(torn page) has just commensed coming

(torn page) be troubelsom they are such

(torn page) that is left with the fraight is

((torn page) m they have a (?)cannon

(torn page  ins

                             June the 12

                                                they have

got of and going a very cloudey

morning looks very much like rain not

quite as warm as it was yesterday I think it has

been raining in the mountins last evining

we have left part of the fraight expect to go

back for it to day if no bad luck

we all think the Bertha has got in

trouble as she was just behind us

the coming threw the shute so we have not

seen her yet that was yesterday


The Indians was coming in droves

       whare the fraight is when we left

we left 2 men to protect ours I will

now lay down my pen till I see how we

get a loung we are all well but do not

feel comfortable

                            half after 2

                                              we are now

laying opeset cow island arrived hear

about 12 oclock our pilot has just com

in he has been sounding the w(torn page)

we are as far up the river(torn page

at present so they have co(torn page

out our fraight will go(torn page

grand island as soon as(torn page)

for what we left perhapes(torn page)

we will get knews from ben((torn page) o they

will no what is to do  the wind is blowing

very hard all feel very much discuriged

                                  well I ges the Indians

is going to follow us up as far as we go I was laying

on the bed reeding the bible I hurd som one

say thare they come so I looked out of the window

hear comes a ould fellow riding his poney

with a big dog runing a loung side this

is the way the do send one to see how things

is going on then they all come

about tomorrow morning thare will be

about fifty I expect this tribe is crowes they

have got the right name I do not feel afraid

as I did so you see a prison can get yuost to most

any thing espacely if they canot help them selves

I should not like to go very far from the boat

this ould fellow is beggging shouger he has not

been on the boat yet there is a nother boat has part

of her fraight hear she has gon on to benton 3 men

left to take care of it they have a cannon I do not

think the Indians is very much afraid of that they

could take us all if they had a mind to do so

                                 we are not going to leave

hear till morning the wind is still blowing very

heard it is nine oclock hear before dark I supose you

are all in bed when we are eating our supper

and that is three four hours before dark


                               June the 13 Sunday

this is a very plesent day sun shining very

bright wind blowing a littel

we left cow island this morning are now

back to grand island taking in our fraight

the Indians came hear while we were gon

by hundreds and piched thare tents they are

strung a loung the bank thare is men

wimon children and dogs to numers to

mention a person can barely hear

for the noys the barking of the dogs is

awful some singing som talking som

swimming poneys a cross the slue

I tryd to count the paposes but thare

was to many some of tem looked as if

they was not more than 2 or threer days ould

without a stich on they did look tow

cuit I seen them tak one littel fellow

and flung him in the river he looked

as if he was not more than 3 mounthes

ould while I am writing thare is ould

squaw looking in at my door

bagging for somthing to eat I feel sorry

for them we will not let them come on

the boat thare has just one got on a moment

ago well salley is hear she has

been to benton with part of her fraight

the captin is on he has been very poorly

on this trip is walking on crutches

John Parr is at benton attending to thare

fraight it is now about half after ten

we have got all most all our fraight

on again but very poor hope of gitting

it up to benton are going to try and get

it as far as they can we all expect by

the time we get back to our fraight

thare will be a large party of indians

geathered thair

One oclock      well we are of and going

up the river again the Indians left when

we did we can see them strung all a

loung the river following the boat littel

boys and girls not moret than 6 or seven

riding a loung on thare littel poneys such

 a sight I never seen some of thare poneys

draing thare teapees I canot discribe the sight

I gess they are detirmened to follow us up as far as

they can we have just got out of thair sight

                                the wind is very high this

evining also very cauld my feet is all most

frose we all have our winter clothing on yet

when we have a warm day it is so very

warm we can hardely stand it with our flannels

but prehapes the next day will be very could

so we canot change with saftey

                              I got a littel frightened

a few moments ago was laing on the bed a bout

going to sleep hurd a gun fired so I jumped

up and looked out the window hurd them

say thare he is so I run and hid behind a

coffey sack thought that would not do

runout in (teses) the pilot was just coming

out of his room with his gun I says what

is rong he tould me they was shooting at 2

antelope so I looked out and seen them

bounding over the mountin for life

I thought it was Indians

we just got back to our fraight

about five oclock found the Arcancer hear

putng off some of her fraight she has 2 or

three ladies so I must come up my head and

go down and see them the sight of a

sivilised lady does a pirson good in

this countery        well it is not ten oclock

and its nearly dark I am not feeling very

well this evining neather in body nor

mind  will go to bed and try to sleep it


                                           June the fourteenth

this is a very butiful day sun shining

very bright still it is very dark with us

I believe it is one of the darkest days of our lives

we are laying at cow island all most all

the fraight on shore do not expect to get up

any further without a rain the river still

falling Pa is laying on the bead with more

trouble than he is abel to bare in his declyning

years I think the Indians is coming I hear

thair poneys well I laid down my pen and

looked out so hear they come by the hundreds and in

a fue moments had thare tents piched they put me

in mind of what we reed in the bible of the

Philistines I feel sorry for them this tribe is not hostile

but they are very filthey and as I have all ready

mention are grate beggars they soon surounded

the boats for somthing to eat I am writing this

for the benefit of our dear gran children

we do not knew what will hapen to us and we are

a grate many miles from our homes so if I do not live

to get home they can reed this if it falles in thare hands

I often think of them and how happey I would

be to be thair with them and have them all geathered

around me telling them what I seen I have seen

more then I am abel to write

                                June the fifteenth

this morning lookes very much like rain

we all feel ancious I for my part I never had

the (horows) evirs in my life this is such a

dolefull place our passengers has all left also

M Peppard and one of the pilots for fourt benton

we must stay hear till they can do somthing

with our fraight well it has just commensed to

rain I do hope it will rain for three days then

we would have some hope of gitting a way

from this lonely place we have had a grate

meny squaws to see us this morning and one

of the smartest littel papuses can be she is a

grate pet amung the tribe they call her thare bufaloo

hunter she is not more than 3 years ould

she has taking a grate notion to me Pa and I took

a walk up to thair camp yesterday evining o you

never seen the like of dogs well they was very

frendely the children all geathered around us

by the dosons all pulling at my dress also at the buttons

five or six squaws got around me and

felt me all over I tell you I felt a littel

quir    they wanted to give us some of this

dryde bufaloo meet but we would not except

littel girls and boys not biger then eber and

Jimey Cora and birty can ride just like

circus riders it is a sight to see them flighing

over the prerari on thair littel poneys all have

clothing on but the babeys they have nothing

but beeds around thare neck and rists we

dressed 2 of them in flower sacks

                          well I am very much afraid the

rain is over it ondely sprinkled a littel and is gitting

very could Pa is laying on the bed a sleep he still

has feels in dispair all we can do is put our trust

in god and comit our selves in his hands we

have no power within our selves supper is

ready so I must stop writing

                           well supper is over Pa

and I is going to take a littel walk

                              we walked out

a round a mountin I tough I hurd a war

partey so I says Pa let us go back to the boat I

hear a war partey coming he laugh at me

we went back as fast as we could and what do

you think while we was gon this tribe that

is hear maid a raid on the boat for somthing

to eat men wimon and children all

all around the fraight looking very savige

Pa gave them a sack of flower also a hundred

pounds of shugar they gave him som ould robes

and I went off we do not knew how soon they will

make a nother atact on us they thretned to

throw the fraight in the river

if they did not give them somthing to eat

                             June the sixteenth

                    I feel to thank god this morning

it is raining and did rain some in the night

weather it will amount to very much that

is with a higher power  thare is a nother partey

of Indians crossing the river I supose they will

make a raid on us O if my dear children

knew my feeling this morning somtimes

I all most give us in dispair then I will try and

put my trust in god I pray god will spair us

to get home to our dear children I will stop writing

till I see what they are going to do this is a very dark

morning with me when I think of our dear

home and loved ones thair my heart sinks

within me    thare has 2 boats come from

benton and has just landed hear they want our

fraight and wants all most as much for taking

it from hear as pa gets from St Louis I do not

knew what Pa will do as it is raining he prehaps

will wait a few days and see if the river does


        it is some time in the afternoon

Pa is shipping his fraight on 2 boats by the

time he gats it to benton he will not have

much on his trip but let it all go just so

we get away from thoes awful Indians

he and I are going up to benton with the

fraight it has just quit raining

             June the Seventeenth

this is still very cloudey weather

has been sprinkelin all most all day

yesterday and to day is now about

half after one oclock we gave up the

notion of going to benton the boats

that took our fraight left hear this morning

we think of leaving here tomorow

are waiting to hear from Mr Peppard


the Indians left hear this four noon

I am so glad 2 of our men left on

foot for benton this morning some

of our crew think the Indians

captured them soon after they left

the boat  Mr Reed Hecrim and the

second engineer has started out on

a littel boat to see if they can find

them Ebert is not well to day he lookes

very bad for my part I have no reason

to complain of my helth still I must

say this is the darkest days I ever seen

I wood give o I do not know what to

say be just one hour at my dear

home  O it is so lonely hear and pa is

feeling so badely I am trying to keep up

all I can on his acount some times when

I think of home my heart sinks within

me then I go of to my self and take a good

cry I would have enjoyd  my self

very well if they had got a loung all right

with the boat and them awful Indians

had kept away

                          well our supper is over

we had venison for supper it was

very nice pa and I took a ramble a

round the mountins this after noon

I enjoyd it as I have been on the boat

so loung and we could not go a shore

very much while the Indians stayd still

I was afraid some of them might be hid in

the mountin and fire at us our men that

went out hunting this morning shot

a antelope as we was going cross the

preire we met them with it

hung across a pole toting it to the boat

I tell you we all felt proud to think we

was going to have fresh meet


                  June the Eighteenth friday

this has been a very cloudy day

raind all most all day we are still

in the same ould place waiting

to hear from Mr Peppard we have

just got thrue eating supper thare

was a grate excitement as we was

going to set down some of the crew

seen a bufaloo cow and 2 calfs on

other side of the river so part of

our crew went after them we seen

them runing over the moutin the after

them they have not got back yet

it is very could hear so much so we

are ablige to keep up fire all most could

a nuff for snow

                             the boys has got back

did not capture the bufaloo they was

two swift for them it has commensed

raining very hard O I am so glad I am

in hope of gitting away from this

lonely place

                        Saturday June the nineteenth


This is a very plesant morning the rain is

over sun shining with a cloud

hear and thare all of the boys going on

the mountin to cut pine wood Pa

thinks he will leave hear tomorrow

I will feel a gra diel better when we get

turned teward homestill we will

be in grate danger as the Indians is

on the war path this summer and we

half to pass a grate menny

                            I just got waid a fue

moments ago have falling off five pounds

sins we left St Louis I think Pa

lost a gradiel more then most from his loks

he has had so much trouble it is a nuff

to kill him

well the most butifull sight I

have seen on my trip was this after noon

Pa and I and five or six of the boys

went a cross the river to see the beare

paw mountins we went up a mountin

about four miles high and w could

see them very plain  O but they did

look butifull they tell me they are

about a hundred miles distant we

could see the peaks and points very

plain also we could see it raining

very heard thare and very clear where

we was and sun shining it has

clouded up sins we came back and

is rainig just now a very hard shower

it thundred this evinig for the first

sins brother Jacob left us that was on

the lower part of this river a fue days

after we left St Louis I am very tired

this eveining so I will lay down my pen

till tommorrow I forgot to say we are

looking for the Indians all the time they have

maid threts to make a raid on a pile of

fraight that belongs to the Arcances I

supose they will when we leave


                         June Sunday the 20

                                                     this is a

delitefull Sabeth morning we ar now

got our faces turned homeward weather

we will be promited to reach thare is un

knowing to us we must leave that with

god I feeel very glad for this is a afful

country some of the crew call it god

for saken I canot say that for god is every

whare he is just as willen and abel to

hear and awncer our prayers hear as in our

own countery if we call upon him in

faith beliving he will hear and awncer our

prayers I expect we will be a good while going

down the river is so very low and more

we expect to have trouble with the Indians

I will lay down my pen and reed the bible

till evining and by that time can tell

how we get aloung

                                 they maid a very good

run as far as they came this four noon laid

in to cut wood about 12 oclock laid thare

all night

                            June the 21   sun shining and wind

very high left whare we laid last night

run till about ten oclock laid in to

cut wood all hands has been cutting and

halling all day it is now about 5 oclock

in the evining I do not think we will leave

hear till morning we are laying whare the

Indians burnt the wood men out last summer

I geathered some of the Indian squaws beeds

out of the ashes to show the children if I live

to get home  I feel very sad to day I try all

I can to keep from thinking of home when I

think how far we are from our dear ones

my heart sinks with in me and I get all

most sick

O the Sallie has just past I seen John

Parr but did not speak to him I would

liked very much to have had a littel talk

with him I think I would felt better it does

me gradiel of good to see any one from home

if they have not been thair sins we left

our supper is just over we was just

at supper when Sallie past

                               well we cough up

to the Salley whare she was wooding we seen

all of our friends it was just about dark

 so we laid thare all night she went down

a littel further to take more wood


                                   June the 22

this is a very plesant day

but a littel cloudey our dinner is

just over our boys had quite a exciting

time this four noon shooting at a flock of

bufalow but did not kill any of them

our crew is all well except one deck

hand he fell in the hole of the boat and got

badly hurt

                            6 oclock going aloung

very nicely just now have been a ground

three times this after noon we are

homeward bound I am so glad but

they all think we will have trouble yet

as the river is so very low


                                 June the 23

a very plesant morning

going aloung very well this morning

passed  milk river before I was up will


                                Seven oclock had

a draing time all afternoon maid

a very poor run all very much out

of heart are now looking for wood

laid up for the night at head of

Spread Eagle bend


                            June the twenty fourth

cloud very heavy

looks very much like rain are laying

at shore cutting wood all hands hard

at wirk breakfast is just over have

maid a pirty good run this morning

past threw a very bad place whare we

was a ground going up it is cauld

Spread Eagle the river is very wide and

shore with sand barrs all over

                             Ebert is not

well today          ten oclock we are

a bout going to bed have been

laid in all after noon and part of the

four noon for high wind the men

cut wood all day while we was laid

up have got a very nice lott of wood

on board I am very much interested

about wood for it is very heard to get

also very carce and this boat youses it

pirty fast they canot get her aloung with out

lotts of good wood I want to get home

         June the twenty fifth friday


this is a very plesant morning we

going aloung very nicely but canot

say how loung the wind is just commensed

to rais so I expect we will have high wind

to day somtimes I feel very much discuriged

for fear we will never get down the river

is so very low

                             nine oclock in the evining

this has been the

wawrmest day we have had on our trip the

wind blowed a littel in the morning whin

at least it turnd very warm they had a

gradiel of trouble to day was a ground

twise the pilot run the boat out of the

channel we are a bout twenty miles

from yellow stone river they expect to

have more water after we pass thare


                         June the twenty sixth saturday

well we got of same time

in the night are going a loung very

well this morning just past yellow

stone while we was eating breckfast

next buford a short time after

I am so glad they think the river is a littel

higherI hope it is for that is ondley hope of

gitting back

this is a very plesant morning

                                  it is now about

eleven oclock they have laid up to clean

out the boylers and cut wood

                                                 for my

part I am out of wirk and that makes it very

lonely as thare is no lady company on board

we had one passenger he got off this morning at

fourt buford

                       Pa is not very well has gon to

bed he was up all most all night whare they was aground

                       this has been a nother very

warm day I have taken of my woolen stockins

to day for the first the wind is very high

this evining imposible to run still we are

going a head         dark laid in for the night


                        June the twenty seventh sunday

a very plesant morning

we are going aloung very well this morning


we laid in for the night loung

(sicle) of a island men all out cuting wood

I gess we are very short distance above littel

missouri river all well I am going to bed


                   June the twenty eighth

                                          we are now laying

opeset fourt stevenson cuting wood this is a

very butiful day about ten oclock

laid up for the night maid a pirty good run to

day bough first wood this afternoon sins we left

cow island

                               June the twenty ninth

                                             this is a verybutiful

morning I think it will be a very warm day we

met the nick wall very early this morning

                             we have laid in to cut

wood all hands heard at wirk I think it is

about nine oclock whare they are cuting

wood the roses so thick they can hardely get

thro (torn page) and all out in full bloom it looks

(torn pag)) but all has lost thare charms to

(torn page) home thare is no place like

(torn page)

(torn page) till supper cuting wood

(torn page) d suply left run down

(torn page) miles laid in for the night canon ball

river(torn page)

                     June the 30 this is a nother very

butiful day sun shining very bright

wind just commencing to blow have been

runing a loung very nicely this morning

you will see by this this this the last day of june

and we are meny miles from our home canot

spend our fourth with the children this year


eight oclock laid in for the night at what

they call Swan Lake wood yard they had a good

diel of trouble this after noon on account of

high winds still maid a very good run

July the first

                       this is the windest day we

have had on our downward trip they left

whare we was laid in for the night run down

about four miles got a ground once spaird

of and laid up for high wind the men is all

out cuting wood what pine wood they can get

                    the wind fell a bout four oclock

we left run down thirty five miles got a ground

on a sand barr whare we laid all night

one of our cabin boys went out a (torn page)

lost he was all most frightned (torn page)

gave up ever finding the br((torn page)

a rock gave him self up to the(torn page)

(ford) they mist him when they (torn page)

to leave so they blowd the whistle(torn page)

and came in a hurry he is a b(torn page)

he was very sick after he got to the(torn page)

I gess he will never try going so far from the boat


              July the second friday

                                                  a very plesant day

but I am very much afraid it is going to be

windey the wind is just commed blowing

   we got of whare we was a ground quite

early this morning have been runing aloung

very well this morning past fourt sulley

a bout seven oclock got one passenger thair

seen the first house this morning that we





                End of Segment 2

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