Steamers Sighted

Steamboats passed or sighted by Nancy Poe Ebert during the voyage of the str Mollie Ebert in 1869 are listed in the following table.  Multiple sightings are listed separately by date.  The Nancy Poe Ebert spelling of the vessel name is followed by the standard spelling.   The str Sallie was a Georgetown owned and operated steamboat.


  Packets listed in the Nancy Poe Ebert Journal.

Steamboat sighted Journal Entry Date


May 6


May 6, 14, 15, 17, 18,Jun 11, 12


May 14, Jun 13
st johns

(St Johns)

May 14
silver lake

(Silver Lake)

May 22, 23, 24, Jun 6


May 22, 23, Jun 6
dear loge

(Deer Lodge)

May 27, Jun 27
peter balon

(Peter Balon)

May 29, 30, Jun 6


Jun 6


Jun 7, 27
andey ackley

(Andrew Ackley)

Jun 11


Jun 13, 21




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