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Enrollment and License Book for the Port of Pittsburgh 1856 (The National Archives)

Thinking Sunshine Superman lyrics while in DC today.  Spent two days at The National Archives reviewing Enrollment and License data from the Port of Pittsburgh from 1852-1858.  Stayed at the Swann House B&B in Dupont Circle and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a Greek restaurant named Kapnos.  Bright and sunny and “we’ll do it in style”.




Several stories to tell.  The disposition of the str Golden Gate has been revealed.    The master, Capt Joseph MC Calhoon, died from cholera in Alton, IL in 1855.  He tried to return to Georgetown.  The Masons kept his body till it could be retrieved by Georgetown relatives.  The four-page letter to his widow from the attorney is worth a read.  Never revealed was the fate of his steamboat.  Coming soon as time permits.

Discovered a few more facts about Capt John Smith McMillin. 

Information is sometimes hard to come by.  Record books are beautiful although some have been damaged and pages are missing.  The fact that most of these remarkable books exist after one-hundred-sixty years is remarkable.  


Flyleaf for Enrollment and License Book 1856


Damaged Page for Enrollment of unknown steamboat


More to come.  Three-hundred plus images to process.




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