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Troubling News

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

The Beaver Co Genealogy and History Center (BCGHC) is facing a serious financial funding problem due to budgetary irregularities in Beaver Co.  The county commissioners cut all discretionary spending, including 100% of the funding directed to BCGHC.  The reduction was effective immediately. In our current climate of no new taxes even for good purposes, it is unknown whether these funds will ever be reinstated.  The funding represented 52% of the BCGHC budget.


This organization is quite frugal.  It has no salaried employees. Operational costs are covered by membership dues and research fees, and for each of the last 30 years a grant from the Beaver Co Board of Commissioners. 


The BCGHC needs your support.  We are all touched by local history.  The work done by the BCGHC volunteers collecting and conserving historical records has been astonishing.  Their help has been instrumental to my efforts to record the history of the GeorgetownSteamboats.  The boats themselves disappeared more than a hundred years ago.  The masters and pilots, engineers and clerks, mates and roustabouts have likewise gone.  Today, the records of the lives of those who manned those steamers are only found in places like the BCGHC.  Our forbearers deserve the honor of remembrance.


The history of Beaver County may be lost if the BCGHC if not properly funded.  Local history is a gift, and a responsibility.  It is up to us to preserve it and pass it along to future generations.  If you agree, please consider sending a donation. 


Beaver County Genealogy and History Center

Beaver Train Station

250 E End Ave

Beaver, A 15009



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