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I have enabled the comments feature on GeorgetownSteamboats to encourage reader participation and, more importantly, contribution.  If you feel compelled to comment, please do.  I only ask that you follow these three simple rules, each very strict.  Do not take them lightly.  I will not have them broken.

(1)  Be courteous.

(2)  Be rational.  And if  not rational, be original.

(3)  Be constructive, especially with criticism.

I reserve the right to delete or to not approve comments.  The decision rests with me.


An expert I am not.  If anything posted here is incorrect, I would appreciate having it brought to my attention for correction.  I try to state positively that which I believe to be true.  Also I often update older posts and pages with new information.  So if a specific subject has meaning to you, check back in occasionally.  It may be worth your effort.


Over time I have learned that the process to comment on my posts is cumbersome and loopy.  If you prefer to comment via email rather than register to this blog, feel free to drop me a line at the following email address:





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