This site requires many rounds of thanks, so here goes.

Much love to my mother, Anna L (Polly Welborn) Nash, for her skills in saving the vast number of photos, books, and newspaper clippings, and most importantly in protecting the Nancy Poe Ebert journal while it was in her hands.  In a pleasant way, she set me up.  The journal was feared lost for many years.  Then my sister and I learned that she had safely stowed the journal with my long forgotten, never looked at college textbooks.

Many thanks to my Aunt Frances Finley, who like her sister my mother, saved many old deeds, papers, and photos about the history of Georgetown.  These photos and papers fall together like pieces of a puzzle forming a rich picture of the history of Georgetown.  Neither my mother nor Aunt Frances are descendants of the Poes, but both have a sense of the importance of history making this effort all the more rewarding for me.

Much gratitude owed to my good neighbor Kevin Spahr whose technical support put this website online.  Thanks to Ken Robison for making time to read and correct my misinformation.  Thanks to eagle-eyed Nick Maravich, in law my brother and in fact my friend, for editing many of the posts and pages.

Sherron Biddle on Amelia Island 2013

Of course, none of this effort would have happened without Nancy Poe Ebert and her desire to record her fascinating journey for her grandchildren.  Without Capt Frederick Way Jr’s Packet Directory and his S&D Reflector pieces about Georgetown steamboat men, I would not have the background material to compile the information on my specific steamboats captains and packets.  As I jotted these stories, it was with a smile, even though some were episodes of terrible tragedy.

Saving the best of the best, thanks to my wife and world traveling partner, Sherron, for her support and patience and for sharing my traveling adventures in search of steamboat history.

These debts can never be properly repaid.





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