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To help visitors wade through GeorgetownSteamboats, the most frequently visited website pages and posts have been listed in the GeorgetownSteamboats Highlights  Table.  The site has two general classes of readers.  One class is interested in Poe genealogy and Georgetown history while another group prefers general steamboat and Ohio River history.  A list of “highlights” has been developed for each class of readers through analysis of the most frequently visited pages and posts provided by the POWWEB visitor stats mapped into my faves.


GeorgetownSteamboats is presented in posts and static pages.  The posts have an editorial element while the pages are documentary in purpose.  Images, regardless of size, are simply counted.



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I recommend the following ordered list of pages and posts for a well rounded introduction to GeorgetownSteamboats.


GeorgetownSteamboats Highlights  Table


Poe Genealogy
Georgetown History
Ohio River History
Site Introduction Site Introduction
It Used To Be A River Town It Used To Be A River Town
History in Homes Civil War Transports
The Point of Beginning No Place for a Lady
No Place for a Lady Capt Jacob Poe
The Lost Frontier Fort The BM Laughlin Book
Thomas Washington Poe Thomas Washington Poe
Gentleman Charles E Poe The First Steamboat War
The Preacher’s Note Georgetown Cemetery
Poe Glass Plates Str Clara Poe



In hand, I have two important original source documents: the Nancy Ann (Poe) Ebert journal and the hand written book by Benjamin M Laughlin (courtesy of the Frances  and John Finley Collection).  The Ebert journal in a word is fascinating.  A bit of American history that should be made public.  The Laughlin book adds new information to the history of steamboats from the Pittsburgh region.  A look at both will be time well spent.





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