Special People of Georgetown


The river was the center of life of the Georgetown people during the golden era of steamboats.  The people were all connected to the river, and each other.  Follow closely!


Capt Jacob Poe married Mary Ann Ebert, half sister of Parthenia Parr.  Capt George Washington Ebert, half brother of Parthenia Parr, married Nancy Ann Poe, sister of the Jacob Poe.  Brother and sister married brother and sister with a half twist into the Parr family. 


Captain George Groshorn Calhoon married Sara Poe, the sister of Capt Jacob Poe and Nancy Ann Poe.  Joseph MC Calhoon married Parthenia Parr.   Elizabeth Calhoon niece of Capt Joseph MC Calhoon and Capt George Groshorn Calhoon and daughter of Capt James Hutchinson Calhoon, married Capt Andrew Hague Parr, brother of Parthenia Parr, half brother of Capt George Washington Ebert and Nancy Ann Ebert.  The Calhoons married into the Poe and Parr families with a half twist into the Ebert family from two different generations.


Mary Jane Calhoon, sister of the Calhoon steamboat captains (Joseph MC, John, James, Richard, George G, and Thomas Dawson) married Capt Jackman Taylor Stockdale.


Far famed Capt Thomas Stevenson Calhoon, son of Capt John Calhoon, was the nephew of Mary Jane Calhoon and Capt Jackman Taylor Stockdale.


Poe, Ebert, Calhoon, Parr, and Stockdale are surnames entwined with the river and each other.  Part history; part puzzle; great fun.





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