Str Belmont

The Belmont was a sternwheel wooden hull packet(153x31x4.5) built in California, PA and finished in Pittsburgh in 1856.  Capt George Washington Ebert was her first master and part owner with others principally from Georgetown, PA.  The Belmont was used in the Pittsburgh to Cincinnati to St Louis commerce.[1]


Str Belmont  Cert of Enrollment

Owners and Partners Share Vol: 6638
GW Ebert 3/16 Enroll No : 139
Jacob Poe 3/16 Cert Date: 23 Aug 1856
Thomas Poe 1/4 Cert Type:: Admeasurement 70
Andrew Poe 1/4 Build Locn: California. PA
George Poe 1/8 Build Date: 1856
Elizabeth McClure 1/8 Master GW Ebert


Str Belmont Business Card (Anna L and John F Nash Collection)

In the spring of 1859, Capt SC Trimble bought control.  On May 7, 1859 while moored at the Pittsburgh wharf, a fire burned a number of boats.  The Belmont moved to safety in mid river unscathed, but the wind blew her alongside the burning JH Conn and these two packets burned together.[2]



Str Belmont  Cert of Enrollment

Owners and Partners Share Vol: 6642
SA Trimble 1/2 Enroll No : 33
JA Trimble 1/8 Cert Date: 18 Mar 1859
EC Trimble 1/8 Cert Type:: Enrollment 7
DH Swaney 1/8 Build Locn: California. PA
George D Laughlin 1/16 Build Date: 1856
HW Laughlin 1/16 Master SC Trimble





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