Menu Book


Lillian Poe Wagner kept a “Menu Book” in a compositions notebook.  In addition to menus and brief notes about dinner guests from 29 Jul 1924 to 15 Jun 1935,. the composition notebook contains section of “Events to Remember”.  The “Menu Book” is journal of food, guests, and special events.  The events to remember are one line descriptions of vacations, parties, guests, deaths, and other things regarded as important.






Menu Book by Lillian May Poe cover (Anna L and John F Nnash Collection)

Menu Book by Lillian May Poe cover (Anna L and John F Nnash Collection)






Menu Book.

The “Menu Book” begins on 29 Jul 1924.  That day is the date of the second Engagement Anniversary Dinner of Lillian May Poe and Dr Louis Wagner.  Candy from Dr is the main note.  The dinner included “veal roast, escalloped potatoes and gravy, creamed beans, wilted lettuce, fresh pineapple, and iced tea”.  Their guest was Melvin Steinbrenner.


On Sat, 11 Oct 1924 the menu entry states that “Dr and I at E.C.C. Clam Bake.  Dinner at home- pork chops, potatoes, pears, apple sauce, rice pudding“.  On Christmas Eve 1924, the dinner was “raw oysters, oyster stew, and fried oysters, celery, tapioca pudding. Evening – steak, fried potatoes, corn, i cream and w cream”.  I wish it were possible to go to that dinner party – ice cream with whipped cream.  I would love to hear what stories Charley Poe and Lillian May would have to tell.  I have that descendant’s sadness.

On Sat, 15 Nov 1925, Clara Laughlin married Edward Cooper in New Cumberland, WV.  For many years, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Wagner, as I knew them, played side by side pianos for the church services at the Georgetown Methodist Church.  They were best friends.  On Fri, 20 Nov 1925, the menu was “creamed sweet breads, mushrooms, and peas – perfection salad, hot rolls and coffee”.


The menu books continued with a wide variety of dishes that we could not match today.  Almost every entry included guests.  Special occasions were noted such as “Aunt P. dinner May 16th”. 


Lillian May Poe performed in Cleveland during her marriage to Dr Wager.  During 1935 her entry was:  concert Severance Hall May 20-25-27-29-31 Jun 2nd  made record at Meiville’s Dec 13 1934. 

Electricity at  Mar 1935.

Benefit radio Mch 12th.

The final entry of the “Menu Book” was “Dr taken to St Luke’s Saturday afternoon, June 29th.  Passed away Tuesday, 7:40 AM July 2nd 1935.  Burial Friday 3 PM July 5th”.




Events to Remember.  


Near the end of the composition book Lillian May Poe wrote one line entries of events she regarded important.  On 11 Jul 1927, Aunt P’s eye was hurt.  Aunt P was Parthenia Parr Calhoon who lived most of her life with the Jacob Poe family in The Poe House.  She lost one eye – injured with a carpet tack – during an undocumented event in Georgetown.  As you will read, Parthenia Parr Calhoon travelled to Cleveland stayed with Lillian May Poe.  In Cleveland, she had two operations on 21 and 23 Jul.  She was fitted with a glass eye in Aug and returned to Georgetown on 29 Aug.


The Dr and Mrs Lillian Poe Wagner spent at least two vacation weeks in Chautauqua.  They stayed at the Lake Chautauqua Hotel from 6-12 Aug 1934.


Events to remember follow:



Dr and I met in Dennison at Bryan’s April 8th 1922

Dr and ?Uhricksville? folks came to Georgetown Sunday, June 11th 1922

Received ?Drainsod? July 29th 1922

Wedding – house Oct 11,1922

Wedding trip.  Washington, New York, Atlantic City, Pittsburgh.

Reception at Aunt Lavenia’s

Dinner at Taylor’s

Thanksgiving 1922 at Fehr’s

Home reception – Oct 26th 1922 and 27th

Aunt Pete’s first visit Oct 1922

First dinner party Nov 3rd 1922

House party Dec 30 to Jan 3rd 1923

Krialee piano Jan 29th 1923

Head Rockmanino      Mch29th1923

Joined Pythian Sisters May 18, 1923

Irwin graduated from EVHS May 31st

In chorine school May 18th

Joined Beauceant May 23rd

Sept 6th 1923-Feb candy

Roses from E Oct 12-1923

Vacation 1923 Detroit. Put In Bay July 8-23 1923

Bedroom suite Aug 13 1923  Floss and PPC came

Party for Ella Aug 23. 23

Party for Harold  Sept 17th

Irwin went to Blm Sep 18th

Anniversary Dinner

  Golden pheasant 1923 10-12

Heard Joseph Hoffman  Nov 1-23

Joined stars  Nov 15-23

Dad’s first visit  Nov 28th

Home folks here Xmas 1923

Vacation 1924 Canada Bonar Lew

2nd Engagement Anniversary

  Dinner July 29th 1924 Candy from Dr

Uncle Ree died Aug 15 1924

Vacation 1925 Western trip one month May 24th home July 25th

Joined EE Church Feb 15, 1925

Dr baptized by Dr Wright Feb 4th 1925

Aunt Lizzie Parr died May 1 1924

Lakeside Ella Dr and I June 25-26

Dr bought electrical equipment Nov 1926

Clyne Mary and Geo P here Oct 25.24

John, Mabel Walker and Bedal came Dec 18th

Hired Amelia Nov 1924

Ida McH here Aug 22.1925

Cousin Mollie T died Sept 7th

Hair bobbed Sept 26.1925

Clara and Ed married Nov 15, 1925

Irwin and Bee married Dec 28 1925

Gene and Chuck married Dec 28. 1928

Ells got day from S Xreeas

Played over WTAM Feb 1 1926 9-10 PM

Frigidaire installed May 4 1926

Linoleum down May 1 1926

1926 Vacation Toledo Lakeside, Pgh,

July 26th Harriet McH and Louise S came     H to Aug 14

                                                                        L “   “      8

Ruth, Beulah and Lois  Aug 6th         R-to 8 

                                                            B to 10 

                                                            L to 21

Gertrude McH  Aug 8th 1926

4th Anniversary gift to Dr  Rome Neglye

Oct 17th to 23  PPC, Aunt Ollie Paul R

Dr bought electrical machine Oct 19. 1926

Pgh visit Bee and I  Nov 13. 1926  Home Nov 16

Found out Irwin married Nov 17

Wedding dinner 12-25-26

Big snow that night Stennies etc here

Jr and Bee to housekeeping Feby 12. 1927

Florence came Feb 21 1927

Harold announced engagement to Marie Feb 25 1927

Josephine came Mch 7 1927

1st permanent wave Mch 24 1927

Margaret K died Mch 28 1927

Elected Leader of Circle #8 Mch 31 1927

   Mrs Murray assistant

Jr and Bee joined Calvary Church Apr 24 1927

To med convention in Washington May 15th  Stayed at “Carlton”

To Atlantic city May 18th Haddon Hall

Home may 23rd

Aunt P eye hurt July 11. 1927

Brought her to Cleveland July 18

Operations 21 & 23 Glass eye Aug Aug 29th

Canada Aug 11tom19  Midland

Played over radio noon (9) night(4)

Hotel Georgiun Aug 17th
Mary & Gail married Aug 31st
Lois married Sep 7th\Sep 18to 19 W CP Florence GP & PC

Beaver came Sept 26th
Aunt Pete in hospital Sep 30 to Oct 10
5th Anniversary gift Dr Bracelet
Chicago Phys Ther Meeting Oct 30th 1927
Aunt P in hospital Nov 17 to Jan 7. 1928
Mary M came Mch 27 to 29
New washing machine Mch 31 1928
Played at Delphiuous at Eirichs
Pew dedicated to “my Pauls” by Mrs Wilson
Helped select pianos for EEC 4-19-28
Aunt P in Lakeside June 13 to 21
Played at Christine’s Wedding June 16 1928
6th Engagement Anniversary  Pen & Pencil Set  Dr

Finley’s here for dinner Aug 1928
Simpson & Eleanor married Sept 11 1928
Stayed here for a call
Simpsons and Clara here Sept 22&23
Dr and I go to Chicago Hotel Stevens  Oct 8 to 13 1928

To Toledo Oct 30 to Nov 3 with Uncle John
Aunt Katie to hospital Dec 14
Here Dec 22 Home Jan 22 1928
To Beaver’s  Mch 23 to 25 1929
Cora died April 18 1929
7th Meeting Anniversary
  April 8 1929  New radio April 11
D room rug Mar 12 1929
Bertha & Walker May 4 to 5
Jr left May 17. 1920
Barbara came May 21. 1929
Elected Leader Circle 8 3rd year May 23
Permanent wave May 28. 1929
Bee home Oct 10
7th Wedding Anniversary
Shoe bundles && stoul  Dr
P. Wave Nov 19
Photos taken Nov 23rd 1929
Beaver came ill Feby 14 to Mch 10
Surprise party for me at Mahons Sep 6 1930
McDanes & Simpsons there
Anniversary Party at Oct 4
  Gave us green glasses  8 years
Grace Ewing married Oct 26 1930
Played for chorus over WGAR 1931
                                       WJAW Mch 13 1931
                                       WHK   May 4

New Grand stove May 8. 1931
Papering bedrooms and hall done May 1931
Dr in hospital – cough May 7&8
Gave up circle Jun 5th after 4 yrs
Tea for me at Genrich’s June 11th
Gifts – purse and pitcher
Helen Thomas wedding June 13 1931
Pete cam June 17 to 23
9th Anniversary Oct 11 1931Maudarno coat Dr
Harold at Seider’s Oct 1931
New Nash car Nov 7 1931
Entertained Club 1932
Finleys and Simpsons here Sept 1932
Dr and I went there Nov 1932
Jessie and Edey came 1-20-33
Will Giber died 2-5-33
Billy went to hospital 2-16-33
Barbara left 2-18-33
Will Steinbrenner died Mch 4, 1933
Irwin moved to 1st Ave April 1933
Harold to work Shell Gas
May 1933
Mystery Daughter Banquet May 26, 1933
Auto accident Sunday July 30 1933
In St Lukes July 31 to Aug 20
Hand operation Sept 21 to 22nd
Dr had ?hewovhoye? Dec 18th, 1933
Back to work Feb 1934
Trip to Racine June 16th
Beover and children back for week
Dr and I Lake Chautauqua Hotel
Spencer Aug 6th to 12th
Barbara left and Kay came Sept 4
Rices to dinner October
Luncheon Oct 11th dinner – Dr Nov 2nd, 1934
Concerts Severance Hall May & June 1935 Thanksgiving with Dr & family
Xmas with Dr Ella and I
Electricity at Mch 1935
First Spring visit Mch 16th
Bills tonsils out Feb 16
Neva and Editha here Sunday Mar 24th to 28
Cantery Neba  Mch 26th
Louise born May 26th
Dr to Cincinnati Feb 18thto 19th
Entertained Georgetown Club June 15th 1936
Dr taken to hospital June 29th
Passed away July 2nd 7:40 AM  Buried July 5th







Georgetown Club Guests:

All 4 McHaffie girls
JB Montgomery
Hogan girls
All Mackall girls – Ruth a prize
Beaner S and Mother
Marion and Jim
Aunt Aldah – a prize
Marie Taylor – a prize
Lucy – a prize
Cora Mae (Nash)
Kinsey girls
Mabel Calhoon
Pearl Reed a prize
Dr and Nireg
PPC (Parthenia Parr Calhoon)

Served: Spring Brick (all colors) Ice Cream, all colored pastry, orange ade, nuts and candy.



Phyllis B came to Oct
P Wane September
Rented my house Nov 1st to CE Hartwell
Came to Georgetown Oct 31 1936
Br bee, Billy and Bertha, Liechty’s for dinner Sunday Nov 15th
New toilet Nov 26th\New chair PPC Jan 1937
My room papered  1936
Guest “       “           1936
Aunt Pete’s “   ” Jan 4 1937
Crosley ice Box   Feb 1937





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