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Unidentified Steamboat Men

Friday, January 27th, 2012

I have loaded some photos of steamboat men from Georgetown, PA. My problem ― I am unable to identify them. To date, I have not been able to identify Capt Adam Poe, Capt Thomas W Poe, Capt George W Ebert, Capt Standish Peppard, Capt Jackman T Stockdale, and many other old family steamboat men ― Calhoons, Lyons, Kinseys, etc.  Have a look.



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Capt Adam Poe’s Book

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

I have scanned the book written by Capt Adam W Poe. The book, “A True History of the Three Brave Indian Spies, John Cherry, Andrew and Adam Poe“, includes a partial genealogy of the Poe family in America and a version of the famous frontier Indian battle between the Poe brothers, Andrew and Adam (the author’s grandfather), and the Wyandot Indian war party led by Big Foot son of Half King.  The final segment is a memoir written in 1887 that includes stories of Capt Adam Poe’s river experiences.  There is a kind of mythology that stories like this tend to drift toward.  A wonderful read.


The book was made available by the University of Pittsburgh Libraries.  I printed their eBook and scanned and loaded the pages.



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A New Year

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

The world spins.  While we
Stumble on.  Everyone
Knows that’s how it goes.

In the beginning, I was sure that sharing this steamboat history would have a deep impact.  It would serve some historical purpose.  No doubt every writer thinks that.  The starry-eyed condition of an amateur.  Sooner or later you learn that you take your little niche and make it the best you can.

I wish you all a most Happy New Year.





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